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The Good Word

Don't take our word for it. 

Here is what some gym members have said about our classes.

“I started training with Jess a year ago.  I've always wanted to box and I needed a challenge... Mission accomplished! She mixes it up every time and pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were! Best workouts I've ever done and I've been a trainer for years."

Jax M

Wasn't sure if taking boxing classes could challenge me, but once I started with Jess at BoxSmith I always leave knowing I worked every muscle in my body.  Not only is it an awesome way to get cut and lean, it's also a great cardio workout.  Everything I want packed into 1 hour.  Every workout is never the same so I love the diversity.  I feel physically and mentally stronger since I've been boxing with Jess"​

Dara T

I love Boxsmith and the community feel!!  There are varying levels of skill and tenure with Boxsmith.  The  coaching style is adaptable which I greatly appreciate and the members of the class are supportive of each other.  I'm so glad I found Boxsmith and Jess!!  She is a great coach and is so patient. I don't know how she adapts to everyone's style and keeps the workouts so dynamic. Thanks to Jess and Boxsmith  I was able to get back into a workout routine after years of inconsistent workouts.  I haven't been this disciplined in years and Jess made a regular routine achievable and keeps me interested.  I'm grateful for how strong and healthy I feel."​
Malini B

I started at BoxSmith with Coach Jess on New Years Eve 2017 having no prior boxing experience or a disciplined workout routine.  I was immediately welcomed by Jess and the other club members, who range from various skill-levels and experience. Each one-hour class is uniquely set-up by Jess with the right balance of cardio, conditioning, and technique that works your entire body and never gets boring. Jess is a fantastic coach, who's passion for boxing is contagious. She is not only a great instructor, but an incredible motivator and listener as well.


Since joining BoxSmith, I feel balanced and stronger - both mentally and physically. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner."

Kyle  S

"I tried a boxing class with Jess, just to see what it was like.  It was the best work out. Jess is a knowledgeable and fun trainer, and 5 years later, it’s what I do. I’m definitely stronger for it.  Punching the bag is great - some days it feels like getting aggression out. I love hitting the mitts. I’ve tried sparring in the ring, but my comfort zone is the training. The classes are  supportive and encouraging, with a skill-level range of participants.."

Maureen P

"Without Jessica's knowledge, superb coaching and motivation I would not have won my charity boxing match by TKO. Jess rocks some fun and intense workouts!"

Kristen P

"Jessica is a true master in her craft. Her expertise and fervent commitment to clients and their fitness goals is unparalleled. Working out with Jessica has been a fun and rewarding experience; she has driven me to push my boundaries beyond anything I ever imagined. Her passion and dedication to the art of boxing is inspiring. Before meeting Jessica, I had never thought of myself as a boxer. Thanks to her motivation and guidance, I’ve not only improved my fitness level, I’ve also grown to be an avid student of the “sweet science” of boxing."

Ali F


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