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Meet your Coaches



Jess is the gym's chief instructor - she teaches most of our small-group classes and oversees the sparring program.  She holds a current CPR-certification and safety is ALWAYS her number one priority.  She wants you to get everything possible from your workout; her goal is for you to leave every class covered in sweat and feeling like you've made some real improvements to your boxing technique.  She has daytime, evening, and weekend availability for personal training and private coaching and gets really fired up designing specialized personal training and boxing regimens for her private clients.  

Injured?  Out of Shape?  New to Boxing? 

No problem!  Jess is comfortable working with all abilities and fitness levels, and tailors her workouts to optimize each class member's capabilities and physical limitations.  While Jess will push you to challenge yourself and offers an intense workout, all classes are meant to be self-paced.  Slow down if you need a breather; push harder if you can handle more!  You'll see a great range of ages, genders, and fitness levels in all the small-group classes (and lots of modifications being made for all kinds of injuries!)

Have a fitness or weight goal in mind?  

Jess is thrilled to offer free basic nutritional support as part of your gym membership, and tailored nutritional programs for those interested in achieving specific nutrition goals. She is almost as passionate talking about food planning and meal prep as she is about boxing.  Your goals are her goals! :)

Just Love Boxing?  Want to learn how to "really" look like Tyson, Lomachenko, or Ali? 

Jess is a passionate boxing enthusiast that is just as excited to correct your form as she is to nerd out with you over an upcoming fight.  Like for hours.  Seriously.

Wanna fight? 

Jess has lots of experience training amateur boxers and would love to corner your first (or seventeenth!!) fight.  She holds current USA Boxing certifications in Level I Coaching and Level I Referee/Judging.  And her coaching doesn't end when you walk out the door - she's with you all the way, from nutrition, to outside-the-gym workout plans, to the occasional (or frequent!) emotional support.  She absolutely loves creating progressive training programs that are individually-tailored to each fighter.  Jess is also super proud to have an ongoing relationship (both as an alumni and as a coach) with Haymakers for Hope, a charity that gives "ordinary" people the chance to get in the ring and fight for the first time while simultaneously raising money to cure cancer.

Have a Question? 

Contact Jess directly at or 929-BOX-BOX-1


Kim Holman teaches Wednesdays at 5:30, and sees private training clients from youth to adult at the gym.

Kim is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a Corrective Exercise Specialization and is always looking for new clients!


She can be reached at

About Kim:


After training with Jess for her first amateur fight (Haymakers), Kim found herself engrossed in the sport of boxing and unwilling to stop training. She can be found at BoxSmith continuing her training several days per week, and tracking down everything she can watch or read about the sport. 


Prior to and outside of the gym, Kim trains and works as a choreographer for stage, film, and tv. Kim’s extensive dance background fuels her interest in boxing. Beyond an appreciation for footwork, she loves how both dance and boxing test the limits of one’s physicality and focus, pushing you beyond what you think you can do. 


Kim teaches to share her love of boxing. She holds an active USA Boxing Amateur Boxing passbook, is a USA Boxing Certified Coach, and is a NASM certified personal trainer. As an instructor, she wants to help give you the tools to fuel your fire for the sport, and help work through your frustration. As a trainer, she wants to work with you on your physical goals to celebrate movement. 


Amy Pole teaches the Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning group bag and conditioning classes and is available to conduct personal training sessions at other times - please reach out to her directly at for information on her availability and other information on private coaching rates.


About Amy:

Amy joined Boxsmith in early 2021 and quickly became obsessed with the sport. She fought in Haymakers for Hope in December 2021 and continued fighting regularly since. Amy has several tournament titles in the novice 125 division including 2022 King of the Ring, 2022 Marciano, 2023 NE Golden Gloves, 2023 NE Championships, and 2024 King of the Ring. 


Amy's passion for boxing has grown with each fight and she is excited to share this passion with others at any level. Amy's weekly training includes heavy bags, mitts, sparring, conditioning, lifting, plyometric exercises, running, and yoga. She is happy to help you with your boxing journey and all the cross-training that comes with it!


Outside of the gym, Amy is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy and works in a public school. She also coaches high school track. Amy loves hiking, skiing, cooking, and watching movies with her husband, beagle, and 2 cats. 

All BoxSmith coaches and subs are USABoxing and CPR certified.

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