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Class Types. Come Train.

Each 50-minute Bags & Conditioning class combines high-intensity training techniques for a fast-paced and fun workout.  Every session is a bit different from the last - you might go from hitting the heavybags to a round of brutal core work, from sets of pushups to reps with light weights... but no matter what, expect to spend several rounds pounding the bags.  You are guaranteed to leave exhausted and happy!


All group classes are capped at 9-11 participants.  Get an awesome 50-minute workout in while practicing your boxing techniques under close supervision from your coach. Every class is different!

Tuesdays are Bags and Abs, meaning heavy bag work and core only!


Every group class is suitable for all boxing and fitness levels, and can be modified for all types of injuries.

Visit our Current Schedule for days and times of small-group boxing.

Visit our Booking Site to sign up.


Skills & Drills (Tues/Sun) we work on the skills you need for your fighting toolbox. Footwork, effective movement, punch combinations, and more—learn the skill, drill it, and take it live in the ring with lots of different sparring partners.


Rounds Only (Saturday) is mandatory for anyone at the gym training for a fight, but also open to anyone looking to get rounds in. Rounds will be appropriate for the participant's skill and experience level. 

All participants must have approval to join, and have headgear and a gym-approved fitted boil-and-bite type mouthguard.

Visit our Booking Site to sign up.



Get more out of your workout with a custom-tailored one-on-one session!  Each 55 minute session is tailored around YOU, whether you're looking to up your fitness or progress your boxing to the next level.


Personal sessions are the best way to maximize your workout, and are especially suggested for individuals getting back into a workout routine after an injury.


Interested in training for an amateur fight?  One-on-one coaching and sparring work is a MUST!

Email to sign up.



In BoxSmith’s Youth & Teen boxing curriculum, participants learn boxing stance, punches and punching technique, footwork and more. Through these skills, students will gain confidence and focus, in addition to increasing their strength and conditioning, and basic self defense skills.

With some proficiency, students are allowed to spar on a case by case basis (with the right gear).


  • Private sessions are 30-55minutes in length

  • We are always open to self-organized small groups, if your young boxer has friends or siblings that want in!

Email to sign up. 




Have mitts, will travel.  Let me take the workout to the convenience of your own home.  30, 60, and 90 minute sessions are available!


You won't need anything besides an open space to make these sessions work.  Hit the mitts, punch it out with weights, and be prepared for a killer ab workout.


Design a progressive workout series or leave it all in our hands for varied workouts with a mixture of conditioning and boxing techniques.


Groups of two and family sessions also available.

At home sessions are offered for those living in bordering towns to the gym, and in nearby outdoor spaces.

Email to sign up.


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