The Class Schedule


Small group classes (9 people or less) are offered mornings, evenings and weekends.  Personal training sessions with Jess are available daytimes, evenings, and weekends. Interested in getting some training in on another day or time?  Let's discuss, and we'll make it work!

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Class Descriptions

Group Bags & Conditioning (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays) Content varies from class to class, but it's almost guaranteed you'll spend some time: jumping rope, hitting the bags, and working your abs, always with a stress on proper punching form.  You might work on footwork or head movement, rotate through strength-focused stations or just SWEAT IT OUT for an hour in this dynamic and ever-changing class.  This class is suitable for all boxing and fitness levels, and can be modified for all types of injuries.

Partner Work (FridaysThe class will primarily consist of drills which will enable participants to work on footwork, defense, punch combinations and strategic thinking with a variety of different partners. And while you will definitely work up a sweat in the class - it's boxing, how can you not? - the emphasis of the session will be on developing  sparring-type skills and in a cooperative and collaborative way - which doesn't include getting punched in the face.

Group Sparring (Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays) This class cycles between sparring drills and free sparring, with a focus on honing your fighting skills in a safe environment.  Spar exclusively with others in the gym, or mix it up with other gyms and train towards a sanctioned fight - it's up to you. All sparring classes are appropriate for any ability level, but you must speak with Jess before joining this class.  Specific protective gear is required.

Youth & Teen Classes (Mondays, Wednesdays) Participants (8-18) learn boxing stance, punches and punching technique, footwork and more. Through these skills, youths will gain confidence and focus, in addition to increasing their strength and conditioning, and basic self defense skills. These no-contact classes consist of jumping rope, bodyweight and cardiovascular conditioning, and lots of punching and boxing drills. Games, friendly competition, and team challenges keep things fun while students set the foundation of their boxing technique.

Personal Coaching and Training (Daytime, Evening & Weekends) Get more out of your workout with a custom-tailored one-on-one session with Jess!  Each session is designed around YOU, whether your aim is to up your fitness or progress your boxing to the next level.  Personal sessions are the best way to maximize your workout, and are especially suggested for individuals getting back into a workout routine after an injury.  Interested in training for a fight? One-on-one coaching and sparring work is a MUST!

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Hectic schedule?  Lots of weekend time-slots are available for private boxing and at-home sessions!