Welcome Back!

What to do before returning to indoor group classes...

1) Watch

How to come to the gym and take class, in the age of Covid. 

Also detailed below in writing, if you don't want to watch.

5 min

2) Watch

Alllll the safety upgrades.

Check out our new HVAC system and various upgrades around the gym, so our personal Dexter-style murder rooms don't surprise you when you get here...

2 min

3) Sign

A liability waiver that you MUST sign and submit before returning to the gym.

We also have paper copies in the space if you'd prefer.

We promise to bleach wipe the pens...

4) Read

Not going to watch the video? Fine. Here are your BoxSmith instructions in text form.

  • Doors open no earlier than 10 minutes before class starts. Please wait on a blue 'X' in the hallway.

  • Upon entering the space:

    • sanitize your hands (machine is on the right)

    • sign a liability waiver if you haven't signed one yet

    • sign the Covid pre-screen form

    • put your dirty pen in the dirty pen bin

  • Sign up for a station!

    • This marked station will correspond with your bag drop off point and your workout space in the gym. 

    • Each station will have a 3 height plyo box, a mat, light weights, a bag and bleach wipes/hand sanitizer. 

  • Get ready for class​

    • No changing rooms, please change at home. You MAY use the bathroom during class.​

    • No more cups! Please bring a filled water bottle from home. You can fill your water bottle as needed at the gym, and we have water and gatorade for sale. 

    • NOTE: It's winter. Even if you're not changing into boxing shoes please bring a pair of clean shoes to take class in. 

    • Bring your wraps, boxing shoes, equipment, water bottle, and anything else into the gym to put on, or drop in your space.

    • On the way in, grab a jump rope from beside the door and proceed to your numbered space

  • During class​

    • Masks are mandatory while working out. ​

    • If you're feeling dizzy, or just need a minute, sit on your box, pull down your mask until ready to rejoin, mask up and go!

    • Please face IN to your spot (face your bag) during class.

  • After class​

    • Wipe your bag, all equipment, jump rope handles, and unwrap.​

    • Please wait in your spot to be dismissed

    • Once dismissed, deposit your clean jump rope on the hook, throw out your bleach wipes, grab your stuff.

    • Leave via the BACK DOOR! This is your big moment, if you've never been in the back hallway. Feel free to sanitize on the way out.

    • If you want to catch up with gymmates we feel you—just do it outside. There's a lot of cleaning to do to prep for the next class/close up for the night. Also tight spaces... airborne virus...