Dear BoxSmith Community...

... we need you!

We want to be here for you when you're ready to return, but we can't do it without help. 


In mid-March when we shut down, anticipating maybe a couple weeks of closure before the world went back to normal, we didn't have the big picture view of what a global pandemic actually meant. Since that moment we've sprung to action. We provided an immediate transition to virtual workouts, parking lot workouts, and safe private training.

That being said, currently things are dire. We've had very little to no revenue generated from a space on which Jess continues to pay rent and utilities out of her own pocket—a space that we love, but has essentially no ventilation and doesn't feel safe to return to in the midst of an airborne pandemic. As we look to the return of cold weather, we realize that we won't be able to sustain BoxSmith, our small business, through the winter if we can't do the necessary improvements to our training space to reopen group classes indoors.

With gym member help, we've installed plastic sheeting and spent hundreds of dollars on supplies necessary for a safe reopen, but as most of you know there is no ventilation in our basement space. Turns out, HVAC is incredibly expensive... our lowest quote is for $12,000! 


We are looking to our community to help raise a minimum of $5,000 to put towards a new HVAC (clean air exchange, filtration, conditioning) system so that we can reopen for indoor group classes. We have already secured a small amount of grant funding and support towards our HVAC project but we need your help to make it happen.


While we've been avoiding asking for your help, we realize that in order to be around in the long run, we need a boost to keep you boxing through and after the challenging times brought of the pandemic. We need your help.

We will be running this fundraiser through November 1st, so that all ventilation construction can be done within the month. This gets you boxing inside a well-ventilated safe space as quickly as possible as we move into the cold months of winter.

If you can help with a contribution of any size, and/or share with your network, we would be so SO grateful. 

THANK YOU for your years of support!

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Thank you for your help!

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