Boxing & Fitness Basics

Basic Punches

Learn the basics behind your numbered punches to get through a boxing workout.

Lower Body Bodyweight Exercises

Learn two lower body strength fundamentals—squats and lunges

Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises

Perfect your plank and pushup, two key upperbody & core strength exercises.

Basic Crunch Progression

Learn this simple crunch progression to work your upper abs, with a twist to activate your obliques. 

Abs 2.0 Suitcases & Sprinter Crunches

Slightly more challenging, suitcases and sprinter crunches involve keeping your limbs off the floor and really push your abs.

Lower Ab Variations

Train your lower abs with one of several exercises. Make sure to press your lower back into the floor.

The Burpee!

Love it or hate it, the most efficient bodyweight exercise out there!

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